1. Don’t hate people.. This might of not been the best demo, but I’m tellin y’all this can do some shit I wish other sequencers would. Considering it’s lightweight and portable, I want it to use when I go on trips and just to take everywhere I go. The MPC is for the studio but this is for everywhere else. Been watching this for a while now, hope to get one!

  2. First off, why is Jermaine trying to get one for free?? Mofo had load of loot and trying to seal from this dude who trying to make his mark and feed his family?? #Worthless

    Second, this is only good for the sounds. The pattern of the keys alone is a reason to avoid this machine. Chromatic key structure is only good for instrument layouts.

  3. Yea this doesn’t look that great, and idk something with “thang” in the title doesnt seem like a legit product.

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