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  1. wtf is this shit? This nigga made a full beat with a mouse… THats not hot at all. I can respect fl studio but damn bruh a mouse and a sequencer.. This is very disrespectful to all producers. I can’t get with this shit. Fuck that nigga, he not a producer he’s a mouse clicker. YAll wrong for uploading this video.lol

  2. @Bryce Music is music, fam. It’s all about the creative mind. That’s almost like saying you can’t be a producer unless you actually play drums or keys. I hate when cats limit what they consider to be Hip Hip. “Well, it’s not boom bap, its not a mpc, it’s not this or that”… this guy is making music the way HE wants to and I’d suggest others to do the same and stop being so critical. Geesh,.

  3. Dont mad bro!
    This video is very very old.
    I dont know why they upload it again.
    I remember that I saw that video 1.5 years ago for sure.

  4. Pennsylvania is on the mutha fuckin rise.
    Let’s GO!
    @Bryce where the hell you been. FL is the best sequencer out. 9th wonder do the same shit.
    You tryin to say he aint a real hip hop producer too?

  5. @ Dj Salt wow wow wow 9th keeps an MPC on deck at all times watch his videos. I mean FL studio point and click aint my style but if it works for homie you cant really hate

  6. Lex luger does the same thang and his jants crank hard but follow me @BeatzbyBurn1 if you make beats and need another follower …..ttyl

  7. @BRYCE There’s a huge difference between a producer and a beat maker. Jahlil is a beat maker, a producer oversees a whole project. Just because you produce a beat does not make you a “producer.” And have you ever used midi before? people usually play somthing live and then just go line it up later like he’s doin here, unless you goin live like AraabMuzik it don’t matter if you playin an mpc

  8. @Bryce, Just because you had to bang on some dinosaur ribs wit a rock to make a beat don’t make u a producer either. Hip hop has evolved just like technology. You proly online usin dial up…

  9. And if im not mistaken, rap was created by cats of little means, usin what they had to make music i.e. turntables….

  10. His homeboy is a Yes man, and I can care less who he’s signed to, fuck outta here with the mouse production. At least get a midi keyboard

  11. I really don’t understand the difference if he clicked his shit in or used a Midikeyboard, MPC etc. Having a Midi Keyboard doesn’t make you a better producer/beatmaker, its the creativity you have.. 9th Wonder uses a MPC now, but I bet when you listen to his FL joints, you would never be able to tell that he clicked that shit in.

  12. I’ve heard enough.. Lets have a battle and settle this like real producers. Mouse clickers VS Drum machine producers. Just click my name and the link will shoot you to my site. “LETS GET IT ON!!!!!!

  13. Mark,

    You need to hold monthly beat battles online or something. Like Roc Battles but better. My suggestions are always open for conversations. Hit me up..

    Mr. Brooks

  14. Jahlil is dope,makin beat not jst bout usin midi, u can u mouse and make dope beat than person usin midi deyboard, music it bout be creative and make instrument sound the way you want it to sound

  15. get the fuck outta here.it does not matter what you use.some people have the best equipment but you wouldnt want to here what they make trust me

  16. South Africa is using FLStudio, and best believe we’re rippin’ it hard with that mouse clicking. Hard tribal beats, nigga. Shit America ain’t got. Crackers