Inspiration: How Bad Do You Want It?

Here is some inspiration to start off your week. How bad do you want to succeed and what are you prepared to do to get where you want?

This video came at a great time for me, since I have been spending many sleepless nights working on personal projects that I’m not sure will succeed. But I know I’m fighting for my goals, so I’m going to fight to make something great happen.

Thanks Mike C. for the link.

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  1. Yo this one right here is one of the best posts you’ve ever put up on this site!!!! Thanks a lot!!!

  2. that speech is too good. Im kind of disappointed that I dont recognize this guy. is he in college or nfl possibly?

  3. Damn good speech from the “Hip Hop Preacher”. He speaks a lot of priceless knowledge, too. I like how this video was put to that, though.

    Nobody is going to hand you the keys to your dreams – you have to work to get them. Through struggle, pain and your weakest moments, if you are determined to push through, you WILL get what you’ve always wanted.

  4. this is a qood video i think everyone should watch who is working on their dreams. its a motivation push! good work!

  5. Amazing video. Thank you for this! Have seen the original speech but along with these visuals and music it adds to the impact.

  6. Whats the track? I love it! thanks for the post, its really inspiring.. Only it makes me so sad to see how hard he works.. and that i could never do something like that.. because I’m not good at anything, I suck with music (and its my dream to be ‘Successful’.
    But thanks again, it really inspires me!