7 MPC Renaissance Training Videos with Young Guru

Young Guru - Sound Engineer / Recording Engineer

Akai has teamed up with Young Guru on a few educational videos on how to use the MPC Renaissance. They are calling it MPC University.

Getting Started With MPC Renaissance

Sequence Editing with MPC Renaissance

VSTs & AU Plugins

MPC Renaissance Program Edit & Pad Assign

Mixing, Effects & Automation

Sampling With MPC Renaissance

Performance Modes

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1 Comment

  1. hi, i was wondering how the MPC renaissance can be connected with Ableton live.
    i follow the tuto about the Vst and plug-in, but i can’t connect them together, on the version i have, i can’t find the “hardware transport C”.
    is there any tutos about it with the latest version on both mpc and live software.
    tks in advance.