How to Sell Beats Online ( 9 Beat Selling Tips)

How to Sell Beats Online

Here is a great video for up and coming music producers how to sell beats online. This guy makes some great points, and your ultimate goal today should be to take action right now to sell your beats.  Warning, he swears a lot.

How to Sell Beats Online ( Beat Selling Tips )

  1. Think like a business, not just an individual selling beats.
  2. Have a website to sell beats online.
  3. Focus on getting clients, not traffic.
  4. Find the type of artist that will fit with your type of production style.
  5. Contact artist directly introducing yourself to let them hear and buy your music.
  6. Procrastination will kill your success.
  7. Learn the skills you lack. Example: Learn to market your beats. Google it.
  8. Start today!!
  9. Take action now, not tomorrow!

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  1. I`m not 18 so I can`t have a paypal account. Asking on of my parents for his/her credit card is not an option… Any sugestions?

    1. Hi, If you are talking about using a Paypal account so you can buy the Music Maker theme?? Then I would suggest to ask your parents, or give someone the cash, and let them pay for it for you. But please read the other requirements. You need a website host also.

  2. Can this theme be used with Just created a blog on there but I need this theme for it.

    1. Have you ever actually heard a beat from the ”famous” postman?

      Heres a video where you can see him putting together a very simple melody. What i found really strange in this video is not the melody part, but the part where he’s not even setting up the hihats by himself. He just pass on the computer to the other guy. Now, how can you tell people youre a famous producer when you cant even set up your own hihats?