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This article covers the basics of audio mixing and 10 tips for mixing the audio of your beats.

Audio Mixing 101

Once you have a good beat, you want to make sure the audio is mixed well.

Audio mixing is the process of taking all the individual tracks and instruments, adjusting the audio levels, stereo panning, adding effects, and more.

Why mix audio? Because without proper audio mixing your beat may not sound good everywhere from a car, to headphones, to studio monitors. With mixing, you adjust the audio to sound good everywhere.

Basic Mixing Theory

How To Mix Hip Hop Beats Simple Tutorial

This video is done in FL Studio, but the same rules apply to other music production software.

10 Audio Mixing Tips

10 Audio Mixing Tips

1. Start with high-quality sounds.
2. Use studio monitors.
3. Multiple Sound References – Test out your audio mix on your computer, in your car, with headphones, with monitors, etc.
4. Gain Staging – Get your levels right, avoid audio clipping.
5. Get good with EQ.
6. Give your ears a break. Take breaks from mixing and come back with a fresh pair of ears.
7. Rely on your ears. Don’t focus on what you see on the screen. Listen to make good music.
8. Use panning.
9. Mix at low levels at first, then turn the volume up.
10. Listen to top-quality mixes as a reference of what you should strive for.

Tutorials on Audio Mixing

Basic Audio Mixing Terms

  • Clipping – Clipping is a form of audio distortion that happens when audio is too loud.
  • Equalization ( EQ ) is the process of adjusting the frequency of the audio or instrument.
  • Panning is the process of adjusting the audio to the left speaker, right speaker, or center.
  • Effects – Effects are the process of adding reverbs, delays, echoes, and more to audio tracks.

Share your tips on mixing audio in the comments.

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