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  1. good tutorial for anyone who is a beginner, wish it was around when I first started…

  2. Good lookin’ out for the beginners out there. Do you have or have you been able to get ahold of Reason 5 yet? Kong makes beatmaking in Reason quite a bit different. There are some obvious MPC comments to be made, but that aside, I think using Reason and Record together is an amazing beatmaking/songwriting tool. Good Vid.

  3. love this tutorial this is the best one i have seen, now i have a good idea how to make a beat, thank you very much, do hope you do more soon.

  4. good vid mark keep doing ya thing this site has helped me with my music so much

  5. Many people can now “make beats”. The question is, who can make original beats…and the differentiator between thsoe people and all others is the ability to create powerful mixes with parallel compression and clarity. We use Reason, and I am a huge advocate of the tool for beat makers and composers alike.

  6. It seemes pretty confusing as to which beat maker is the best to use to make my own beats. I don’t have a lot of money, but still, will the cheaper beat makers really halp me make pro beats?

    What about free beat makers like or Drumbox?


  7. I need to figure this programme out, I’ve been using FL Studios for the past 9months with no help from any one & I figured it out… But reason is complicated, I need to know how to make my foundation & I’ll figure the rest from then.

  8. i love the software much but been usin cubase 5 and logic pro 6 though they great i really wanna learn this software

  9. am already using reason 5 for my beat creation but no record my voice wave
    pls tell me about reason 8 if i finish my beat creat can i record my voice and mixing mastering on reason 8

  10. watmon i really like cubase software and logic pro
    becos it has been quality
    pls do u know knowledge about sonar software