How to Get a Music Manager & Do You Really Need One?

Here are 3 things you should consider before getting a music manager created by Greg Savage.

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  1. good post!!! I have a pretty good connect with a manager that’s works with some big name artist in the industry and I don’t wanna waste his time until I have the right buzz or placements for myself this kinda confirmed it for me smh.
    One of his artists net worth is like 5 million so im sure he doesn’t have the time for me but atleast he will respond if i text em lmao….!!! its a start lol

    1. Sounds like you have a good connection. The best thing to do in your situation is stay humble and keep making your own moves. Industry professionals like “work ethic”, they love working with those who can do for themselves, hopefully that makes sense.

      Your guy being an “artist’s” manager, that could be your foot in. One thing I would ask, being in your shoes is this.

      “What do you look for as a manager?”

      This is important because every manager is different, and the fact that he/she is willing to respond to your texts means they are open for conversation.

      – Greg Savage

      1. Thank’s sir for your time I really didn’t expect any feedback I’m so greatful.
        I really need someone who trusts my production and can help me with placements.
        I can wait on the money aspect later down the line.
        Im looking for a manager who can get me heard & can walk my beats thru to artist who get radio spins but again I thank you sir much respect….!!!! @GregSavage