How to Break Into the Music Industry – 3 Must-See Videos

How to Break Into the Music Industry

Here are 3 must-see videos on navigating through the music industry. Learn about music advances, publishing rights, taxes, and more.

How to Break Into the Music Business As A Music Producer

DJ Pain 1 has worked with popular rappers such as Young Jeezy and 50 Cent. Watch this hour-long interview to learn more about the industry.

How Music Artist Enslaves Themselves

Young Guru shares some industry insight into why artists don’t need record labels. He says when you go to sign to a label, your asking to be a slave, and it’s not right for you to only make 10 cents off a record sale.

Music Industry 101: Music Advances, Publishing, & Taxes

Dame gives upcoming producers and artists a general idea of the beat selling process from the very beginning (sending out music), to receiving royalties.

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Written By Mark V.

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  1. Powerful Interview

  2. He does make sense in what he says and a lot of other people feel the same way.

    BUT my question is this: How can a indie artist expose successfully their music without the label and succeed with your exposure that the label acquires? AND ALSO, radios wouldn’t play your music no matter how hot it is unless your in a known label. (Not your own indie label).

  3. I like it when people get together and share opinions.
    Great blog, stick with it!

  4. DAMN this was really good thanks for this.

  5. Great info right there! Got a question if possible, Don’t know if you have an idea of how many days after a beat placement opportunity has been posted by an artist, what is the time left 4 you to submit beats if they didn’t specify. thanks for any help!

  6. Thanks for the information! Good presentation

  7. I watched the whole hour…

  8. Good to hear.

  9. This video was very informative…Learned a lot.

  10. its not 1% x 1m it is 1% x Revenue of album sales. 1million x $5.99 = $5.99 million

    That is $60k in Backend. Which is your example would amount to $70K for the track.
    So one song like this would be more than 90% of Americans make a year in salary.
    This is the lure of why so many try to get in the game. How your story does have truth in it just a little more money. Like 6 times more money.
    So there is a lot of money in it not many get to this level.

  11. Great info. This site is great. Stay up

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