Hostgator Review: HHM is Back & Hostgator Sucks!

Hip Hop Makers has been down for a few days while I found a new website host. But we are back up and running. Here is my Hostgator review.

The site was shut down by Hostgator.

Hostgator Review: 10 Reasons Why Hostgator Sucks!

  1. Online chat support, and email support will say 2 different reasons on why your site is not functioning right.
  2. Your site will go down because of other high traffic websites on the same server, and you can’t do anything about it.
  3. They write stupid articles to rank high in search engines because they know people are searching for “Hostgator Sucks”, Example: 10 Ways to Tell If Your Web Host Sucks.
  4. Customer support gives answers that make it seem like you are stupid, and they have attitudes. While repeatedly ignoring questions you ask.
  5. Hostgator will take your site down because of CPU usage, and not have suggestions on how to fix the problems.
  6. If your blog has 25 people on it at one time, WordPress will lose the database connection, and your site will go down.
  7. Unlimited storage and unlimited traffic is a lie. If you take up to much space, or traffic they will make you suspend your account. I even read stories of them deleting files on their own without notice.
  8. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee is a joke. My site was down often.
  9. Upsell, Upsell, Upsell. Chat will say my site was down because of other high traffic sites. Email support would say my site was taking up too many resources, and that I needed to their VPS service, which is $85 more per year.  I didn’t get enough visitors to need a VPS.
  10. Your site can’t grow on their server. I got an average of 1,300 visitors per day at the time, and their server couldn’t support that. How am I supposed to focus on improving the site to get more traffic when the site is always going down, and worry if it’s going to go down because of their bad service.

I would avoid them. There are tons of other website hosts for you to use.

Good luck!

Mark V. at Hip Hop Makers

Written By Mark V.

Hip Hop Makers is a music production website that launched in 2008 to teach music lovers how to make music, sell beats, and make money from music.

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  1. Damn man… you are scaring me… My site is on hostmonster, but I got a bunch of sites on hostgator too.

    What did you move to?

  2. I’m currently trying out dreamhost. We will see how they work out.

  3. ive’ had a few sites on and never really had a problum. is a music prouction site which will have beats and drum samples to buy plus many other music services to offer. site is currently under construction. will be up and running soon

  4. Mark, every web host is different but you need to understand something. Even do you have 5 visitors it’s your responsibility to improve and optimize your WordPress script? Do you use a cache plugin? WordPress will make a connection to the DB on every visit so imagine thousands of od connections daily on a shared host?

    Any host you go (shared host) will give you the same thing because they are not going to risk other users on the server because of you. I have a reggaeton site and the day I hit 20,000 visits daily I was on a shared host but everything was optimized…. so work on your site first and then check host.

    Now im on a VPS server with banahost.

  5. @Joan

    Hi, thanks for leaving a comment.

    I worked constantly on optimizing the wordpress theme. That is why the new design of the site was added pretty much. I aimed for cleaner code, and less plugins. I went from using 20 plugins, to now only using 10.

    I was using cache plugins on the old themes, and still had a number of problems. I was all for improving my theme at the time, cause I didn’t want the site to go down at all, but hotgator at the times would only tell me to install a plugin, and this problem maybe fixed, but they never gave me better instructions on what was wrong with the server. Because like I said, support was saying 2 different things.

    I’m currently working on improving the current them to run even smoother, but its kind of trail and error type of thing.


  6. “When you agreed to our Terms of Service, you agreed that we could charge the credit card on file any fee at any time. You may review our Terms of Service at

    Please let us know if you have an additional question.

    Jefferson S.
    Sr. Billing Administrator LLC

    Their terms of service does NOT say they can charge any fee at any time but think about what this person said… Why on earth would he say something to blatantly untrue? There is no way they can charge your credit card any fee at any time. But the fact that he said it means they are willing to try it if you let them.

    They have no record of me having ordered any of their services other than the standard hosting packages. So this was their response.

    I’ve been with them since 2006 and have had no real issues until now. Tech support has been great and I’ve had little problems with uptime that didn’t get fixed right away. But I can’t get behind a company that says your ordered something, has no record of it and then says their TOS says they can charge whatever they want at any time. It doesn’t say that and I don’t think that is legal anywhere in the US.

    My advice would be, if you are going to go with this company, do not pay monthly. If you pay yearly, it’s much easier to notice something like this and have it refunded before you’ve lost tons of money like I have.

  7. Jefferson,

    u tryin to be a wise azz yuh? your policy won’t sit well with lotz a people. change it or change job, soon.

  8. Jeffy, your pretty arrogant aren’t you? Whatever the case, good customer service is when you win customers and not loose them especially, those who have been with you for a long time. TOS or no TOS inform your customers.

    The least you guys could do is give them a explanation or inform them of the circumstances leading to the disruption.

  9. @Mike and @ Josh

    Thanks for the comment. I would find another host to use if possible.

  10. you are completely wrong about (6.)25 people on it at one time) it means maximum connections per MySQL database. which means 25 users need to edit/post ur database at once. it doesn’t mean only maximum of 25 users can access to ur site.. that is wrong!

  11. I can confirm every single thing in this article. Same thing happened to me. Their service is worst than horrible. I have tried many hosts, but host gator is the worst one of all. If you have a serious website stay away from host gator. They will belittle you in the chat and talk to you like you are an idiot. I have lost a lot of money because of them but most importantly time and nerves. They hide behind their TOS, they use to be good, but once they got big they did not scale up. Service is bad but customer service even worse. I would honestly say the worst of any I have seen in any other company hosting or not in my life time. I’m 35. Let’s see how one of their scalpers will give an answer to this comment and hide behind TOS. If you don’t want headaches stay away.

  12. @omakad

    Thanks for the comment. Sorry, you had to experience these problems with Hostgator. I learned my lesson.

  13. Sorry I never answered. I moved to DreamHost.

  14. I do also have bad experience with hostgator. I contacted them several times to find out why my website takes 19 second to load. They just blamed me for not optimizing my website. I also had several hosting account with them, and all of them worked slow. Now, I host my websites on arvixe. The same websites that I hosted on hostgator load in 1-3 seconds. Hostgator SUCKS! Never again

  15. I had the worst experience with Hostgator. They must be manipulating comments because everyone has the same experience I have had. To top it off, they screwed up my ownership showing my previous geek still owns the domain with my name when they told me they had it transferred last year to me. Miserable!

  16. Hostgator was good in the past, but now is very bad

    Customer support takes days, there is a lot of downtime

    Go somewhere else

  17. Hostgator was top when Brent owned it. Then it was sold to EIG. They really suck now… they lie to their customers, offer very slow support, and now have almost constant downtime. Stay away from everything EIG, check out the list of hosting companies also owned by the parent company to avoid falling for one of their other sca.. I mean, ‘brands’:

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