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  1. I like to sample so if I had to give a tip to upcoming producers that make sample beats, I would say use the FL slicer & Edsion for chopping.This makes finding good parts of a song Very easy.

  2. Well, there is so many things we can do in fl studio..but I think to get samples in a easy way is one of the most important caracteristics ont his software, it turns easy and fast to build a pack of samples

  3. Don’t forget to find your own sounds you don’t wanna get stuck with the same fl packs this will make your sound stand out and more orginal….

  4. Rewire. Once I learned how to use it, it changed my entire perception of FL’s capabilities. And sampling in FL is the easiest…especially if you map your controller to the fpc…you will save time and will not lose your creative drive.

  5. Quick Tip: Download plenty of vst plug-ins && make sure each are unique && has some good sounds. Having many diff. vst’s can play a big toll on your music, giving you a big variety of sounds to use && making every track you produce sound diff. && not repititive.

  6. When sampling in FL Studio, I like to use Slicex. FL Slicer is nice too && a good sampling program, but I find Slicex much easier because it views the track that you’re trying to sample better, which ultimately allows you to chop more sounds.

  7. Get some quality sounds to use and be original! Stop trying to sound like everyone else.

  8. yo what up im a young rapper really new to producing i use fl studio 12 and i dont know alot about it the most trouble im having is with making drums on the step thing but i kinda know how to make a melody a bass line but the rest i dont know the reason why i wanna start producing is that im a 15 year old rapper broke as fuck no money to spend on beats for me and the beats i can use for free for my album are almost always trap (i like the old school style better just like kendrick joeybadass jcole and more) and i rap about 5 years i think so if anybody can help me with understanding this program and tell me if i have to buy my new sounds and how long it will take to be a advancde producer not a master of it just enough to produce my own album if you have files to share with me then emial me them on jwoodsonmusiccompany@gmail.com hope to get some help on here really bad