Producer Talk: What Are Your Favorite VST Plugins?

What Are Your Favorite VST Plugins

Producer Talk is where music producers share tips and knowledge on the topic of the week. This week please share What Are Your Favorite VST Plugins?

What Are Your Favorite VST Plugins

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  1. I still dont have a fav. but I see nexus is a top choice for alot of producers!!!

  2. I love Omnisphere and Massive, but I will definitely be getting Sylenth and Nexus.

  3. kontakt and a lot of third party libraries. i get down with maschine too. i like Trilian and…. to many to name lol

  4. Definitely Rob Papen’s Albino and Predator. They Synths in these VST’s are second to none in my opinion. They’re really slept on also.. Not as overused as Nexus and less straining to my CPU then Omnisphere.

  5. My list is a bit different than those “preset filled” synths and ROMplers like Nexus and Sylenth. I’m more into sound shaping, since to make a track stand out it should sound great and somehow unique. You can make a fart sound good if you tweak it right.

    My favorite VST is Fabfilter Saturn, a multi band distortion VST with so much more. It’s F***ing sick!

    DaDa Life Sausage Fattner is a real bargain if you want you beef up your sound. Simple and great. $19. Brilliant.

    112db Redline Reverb is good. One of the best reverbs out there.

    DMG Compassion is a great sounding compressor with tons of tweakness.

    NI got some great VSTs. Maschine is way up on my list. Massive and FM8 are also cool.

    Most Fabfilter VST are amazing.

  6. Im a Omnisphere, Trillian and Native Instruments fiend. So many diff tools and capabilities for all genre’s..hip hop, dubstep, trap music, pop, r&b, even rock, jazz and neo soul. So those are my 3 but if I had to pick one I’d say NI’s Kontakt 5 with hella libraries.

    Ki Dope (18 yr old artist and producer) from the Chi

    Salute and to everybody chasin dreams man. Keep grindin.

  7. I use nexus, gladiator, hypersonic, super quatet, ravity, philharmonik lounge lizard (rhodes) diva, mini moog, oddity, massive and most NI product.
    Compressor I use Fl studio’s compressor for most things it works, i also use FET compressor and waves CLA compressor.
    EQ: Fl studios EQ does it for me if you dnt like it try Fab filters pro Q.

  8. There are so many great VSTs available, it’s hard to pick just one.

    I will say though, that I find myself using Luxonix’s Ravity quite a bit as a standard “go to”, even if I don’t end up keeping it in the mix.

    There are a lot of VSTs with A LOT of praise that I haven’t tried yet, such as Omnisphere, and Trillian, which are both HIGHLY praised and acclaimed, that said, of those that I HAVE tried and/or own, if I could only have one, I’d go with either Hypersonic 2 or Kontakt. Both are good and have vast collections of preset sounds, though Kontakt’s library is significantly bigger.

  9. My favorite VST is def.

    It´s perfect for HipHop, Trap and Rap Beats.