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  1. I learned on a mpc4000 then i purchased a mpc1000 but i would like to try one of there new software machines being digital is so much faster when it comes to tracking out beats!

  2. I had the MPC1000, sold it few years back. looking to add another MPC to the studio set up soon. Probably going to add the Ren or MPC2500 still deciding.

  3. I just recently sold my MPC 1000 and picked up the NI Maschine MK2, but I am in the market for an MPC 2500 or the 5000 if the price is right. It’s nice to be able to getaway from the computer screen and just work with your electronic instrument. :)

  4. I own a 2500 with the HD,DVD drive & memory addons and im stilll thinking about bitin the bullet to cop that jjos to prolong the life but i gotta say as much as i love Maschine –
    I cant bring myself to get rid of the mpc – ever .
    if you aint got one and you love this thang called hip hop – GET ONE!


  5. I’ve grown up watching my cousin “Focus…” work on an MPC, yet… I’ve never used one myself. I recently purchased an MPK25 that has pads similar to an MPC, although, I barely use them. I like the bounce of the keys opposed to pads. One thing I do like about the pad is the sensitivity. What’re other MPC points that you all love?


  6. I’m a MPC Guy I Rock the MPC4000 In Most of my production (Drums Mostly) Ren & Studio I also have an MPC2000XL Sometimes I use The MV-8800 But mostly for R&B Tracks