8 Cool MPC Related Products

8 Cool MPC Related Products

Here is a small collection of 8 things MPC related that I think are cool.

The BPM White: MPC Watch

You can get it in either black or white.

16GB MPC-2000XL Flash Drive

A fancy way to back up your files.

AraabMUZIK’s MPC Chain

AraabMUZIK recently posted a pic on twitter of his custom MPC chain.

MPC Rings of Death!

Not a real product

BPM Pendant

Offered in 4 colors.

MPC T-Shirt

I like!

J Dilla Vinyl Toy

To celebrate the life of the legendary hip-hop producer J Dilla, the J Dilla Foundation is getting set to release a vinyl figure of Dilla.

MPC Poster

I had to include the MPC poster that you can only find at Hip Hop Makers.

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  1. those rings are for sale in silver and gold so its a real product step the research up homies

    1. @steve P

      I’m sure they do sell the rings some where online. I labeled them “MPC Rings of Death!”. And the is no product called “MPC Rings of Death!”, so my research is fine.

  2. shits are tight. wish someone would come up with some maschine shit, as i dont and have never used an mpc

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