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Chris “Mayday” Rucks at just released a book for music producers called Don’t Make Beats Like Me.

Contest Winner: Ray Kelley

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To celebrate the release of his book he is offering a free T-Shirt, Book, and Poster to one of our website readers.

This is a $60 value in prizes.

Book Promo Video

Contest Prizes

Book: Don’t Make Beats Like Me

Book Don’t Make Beats Like Me

T-Shirt: Don’t Make Beats Like Me


Poster: Make Dope Fucking Beats


Leave a comment below for a chance to win.

Don’t forget to check out Chris’s book Don’t Make Beats Like Me.

Book Description:

Don’t Make Beats Like Me was written for one purpose: to be a guide and give a competitive advantage to any music producers serious about creating long-term success in the music industry.

Chris shares wisdom from his own experiences as a beatmaker, the director of a music production community, and a senior member of a music licensing company. Several Grammy-winning, Platinum-plus producers also give testimonies about their own journeys to success through in-depth interviews. Together, these perspectives give music producers a 360-degree view of what it really takes to create success in music production.

Unbelievable changes have taken place in music production. Social media removed the gatekeepers. Technology leveled the playing field. This book is a response to these developments and the secret weapon in your regimen as you seek success.

This is the bible of music production, no matter your skill or genre. If you’re a novice, it’s the first thing you buy after getting your equipment. If you’re experienced, it’ll take you to the next level. If you’re a vet, it’ll help you sustain success. Don’t Make Beats Like Me will be critical to helping you become an exceptional producer.

You can find the book at Barnes & Noble.

Good luck!

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  1. That’s right “Don’t Make Beats Like Me”, be original and do your own thing. Can’t wait to give this a read.

  2. Super dope!!! Gonna be a awesome book for sure!!!! Passing on knowledge is important, major respect!!! Salute!

  3. I’m just starting off and I want to learn as much as I can about the industry. And I believe the book would be useful.

  4. Damn, this book sounds like what I need right now… Even if I don’t win, I need to give it a read. Life in general has just been so confusing.

  5. I am always looking for ways to make better music. I don’t think of myself as a Producer. I lack the full skills for which to mix and master vocals over my beats. I have the tools, but I just need a bit more direction with those tools. Everyone has to start somewhere, right. The book trailer and description sounds like what I am looking for. Any advice on producing high-quality sounds?

  6. Wow! This is a cool contest. All of the products look great. I’ll definitely have to my hands on this book to help me grow!

  7. Dude this is so totally cooli-o as a small artist trying to grow, i’m sure this book would have some pretty rad tips in it. Plus with What I can see from the poster it looks pretty straightforward and encouraging. Seems fun and useful :3

  8. I’m a subscribing member to hip hop makers. I’m just educating myself now as to how to become a successful music producer. Am looking for all and any advice that may bring my musical ideas to life. This looks like a must read book. Highly considering to get my own copy.

  9. Definitely excited to get to know Chris’s perspective and experience in the music production world. I always enjoy getting new perspectives and views and adding as many tools to my toolbox – you can never have too many to be successful and grow.

  10. This would be a nice one :)
    I’m making beats and music as a home amateur producer (primarily for myself so far), and it’s actually quite easy to fall into the mainstream-pit. And that can of course be very good for something. But I’m trying to find my own sound (just as everyone else are trying to find theirs).
    Once you get it right; THAT will be a good feeling :)

  11. I never win contests! I enter them anyway because you can’t win if you don’t play the game. The title of the book sounds interesting to me. Perhaps I could upgrade my humble home studio, quit my day job (technician), and do Multimedia full time? Time to leave my comfort zone and pursue what I really want to do!

  12. Its my first time enrolling on a beat contest hosted overseas ,My name is Miles I reside in South Africa Gauteng and im ready to make artists shine on my production.

  13. I hope you pick me for this knowledge. If you don’t , Im a music engineer. I have a music channel on youtube check out my work id like your opinion on it. thank you
    RMF ENT Music Channel is my youtube channel name.

  14. I need to learn about making good beats. I don’t know how to start with this. I loved hip hop when I was 8 yo and want to create something. I’m not good at rap but I think I can make beats so I want
    to win this book :D

  15. I’m a beginner beatmaker and i’m sure this book should be my bible in my production journey.

  16. This book would be very beneficial to my music productions and I’m sure it won’t let me down.

  17. Praying this new generation of artists, producers, and entrepreneurs really learn from the past to preserve their future and the future of the culture and music known as Hip Hop. Such a beautiful art form should be nurtured and cherished forever. Amen…

  18. I am getting my BS in Audio Production and I hope I win this book and be able to add it to my reference material to make me the best music creator I can be and carry on the art.

  19. The beat therapist wants to do therapy
    Learn to drop beats,
    Like an old school memories. ;-)

  20. man i would love to get this book (the poster too)! i make beats and would like, now that im happy and quite proud of my work, to understand how to sell them well :)
    love your site btw

  21. I would love to win this contest
    I love producing beat….i will check out your book….thank you

  22. I been making music my whole life, starting with playing the guitar in head start, then violin in elementary , karaoke machine to record my first bars ever in junior high, to a small beat machine, computer programs like ejay, acid, ans fruity loops, now I making beats for my first and last album at age 36, then I’m focusing on making my son beats for his first album. #lovewhatyoudoanddowhatyouloveandyouwillneverworkadayinyourlife. Jus-Nice a.k.a Niceman!!!!!!!440 L-Town Steelcity

  23. Thank You For a Great Way To Help Up & Coming Producer Get Better As Producers As Well As Businessman! Good Luck To All!

  24. Omgomgomg
    I need that poster especially!!!!! Wish I had money now I would buy all 3 of those things.
    Praise be to God our Creator!

    P.s. pick me hehehe

  25. My birthday is 11/13/94 I’ll send a pick of my id if needed but this would really be a great gift to help motivate my dreams

  26. Just saw this email randomly in my junk section (even tho it ain’t)! Everything happens for a reason and I’m sick of spending time and energy at jobs I don’t love, Dream BIG!!

  27. Hip Hop Makers page is one of my favorites when it comes down to letting old and new music producers what you should and don’t do if your serious about your craft. If not why would you waste your time on looking through this page or really read about what the contributors write.