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  1. this dude sucks. Stuck in his old ass ways. The chops sound boring and the drum patterns are basic. There is no soul in this shit. THATS THAT SHIT I DON”T LIKE. This is not hiphop, and fuck you too if you think i’m hating but do you think someone would really purchase that shit for a single? FUCK NO!!!! I’m just speaking for hiphop and this is not hiphop.

    1. @Bryce

      I don’t know what the anger is for. Everyone is allowed to have their own creative freedom to do the sample the way they, and if people can do a better job, more power to them. Supportive suggestions if always better than negativity.

      People have talked poorly about me and this website, while people aren’t doing half of what I’m doing. I’m just saying supportive words are always better.

  2. I’m just telling the truth. See your friends and family will tell you what you want to hear, but fans speak the truth. I really think this guy may have some nice work in his beat collection, but this is not the one. Yes I make beats and I know every track will not come out dope, so I have to be careful with tracks I promote. I think you should upload my work on the site so people can let me know how much my music sucks. I don’t mine paying, just contact me at my site with the price and we can make this happen.I’m very serious because I need to know what I need to work on, because I produce for major artist and I would like to provide them with the best work I can.

  3. LOL @Bryce you criticize the guys website then expect him to promote your music on it?! I dont see the huge problem with this beat video. I dont really like the beat but that’s because its not my style. Who are you to “speak for hip hop”? lol There are a lot of things I dont like about hip hop but there’s nothing i can do except make the type of stuff i want to make. If you dont like it then write respectively why, or dont say anything at all.

  4. @Bryce
    Wow, Come on. Its a good beat. Just because his made it on here and yours didn’t don’t hate the guy. People.. like your self may be the problem with hip hop. Real Hip hop is expression from the people. Dosent always have to have soul. Dont be so closed minded becuase this dosent have an old school feel or fit your style of Hip hop. I think this guy is doing his thing, he made it to this website and hopefully im blessed to be up here with him one day as well.