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  1. CeCe G is dope. Also check out Kay Kay on The Beatz, another dope producer.

  2. It’s funny that you should say that can’t find and entertaining videos online when you have one of the most gifted FEMALE producers as one of your members…who just happens to be in an all female beat crew who are sick as hell AND had great videos!

    Your male videos aren’t neccessarily entertaining but the female videos have to be??

    1. Hi,

      I don’t post MALE videos if I don’t find them to be entertaining, educational, or helpful in some way. There are thousands of MALE videos that I haven’t posted, and don’t plan to because of lack of value, quality, and information. I would post more FEMALE videos if more were available. The ratio of male producer videos, compared to female producer videos online is very different. Send me some good videos, and I’ll check them out https://hiphopmakers.com/contact

  3. LOVE to see other females doin their thing in FL! I’m a female FL producer as well and it is hard to find videos of female producers. I mean male or female, talent is talent, and there’s something to learn from everyone, but it’s deff nice to see a girl holdin it down for the ladies, thanks for this video!