Recording & Mixing

We offer recording, mixing, and mastering tutorials for beginners, intermediate, and advanced music producers.

What Is Mixing In Music

What Is Mixing In Music?

This guide will answer what is mixing in music production, why it is important, how it is different from mastering, and basic mixing tips to

What Is Sidechain Compression

What Is Sidechain Compression?

This guide will answer what sidechain compression is, what it’s used for, is it necessary, and how to use it when creating music.

What is a Condenser Microphone

What is a Condenser Microphone?

Here is a quick guide that will answer what is a condenser microphone, how they work, compare them to different microphones, and how to use

What Are Stems in Music

What Are Stems in Music?

This guide will explain what are stems in music, why they are important, how they are used, and many other common questions.

What Is Reverb In Music

What Is Reverb In Music?

In this simple guide, we will answer what is reverb in music, its purpose, provide examples of reverb, and how to add reverb to your

What is Gain in Audio

What Is Gain In Audio?

In this quick guide we will answer what is Gain in audio, how to properly use it, and explain its differences from volume.

What is a DAW? Essential Guide to Digital Audio Workstations

What Is A DAW in Music?

This guide will answer what is a DAW in music production, the most common DAW features, their benefits, and share the best digital audio workstations

What Are Dynamics In Music

What Are Dynamics In Music?

This simple guide will answer what are dynamics in music. We will provide you with examples, explain the different types of dynamics and why they

What is EQ in Music? Audio Equalization 101

What Is EQ In Music?

This simple guide will answer what is EQ in music, the different types of equalizers, and how they work. Learn all about audio equalization to

What is Mastering Music

What Is Mastering Music?

This guide will answer what music mastering is, the difference between mixing and mastering, and its importance. So what is mastering?

What is Audio Compression in Music

What Is Audio Compression In Music?

This essential guide will explain what audio compression is, its uses, the different types of compression, and other common questions. So what is audio compression?

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