Behind the Scenes with AraabMUZIK

AraabMuzik - Music Producer

Araabmuzik documentary and live installation performance.

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  1. em i the only one that thinks this fool has no skills? i could do what his doing and im not a drummer. sounds like shitttttttttt brooo

    1. You hate’in son for real. The boy has some serious skills. Just give him props for doing his thang.

  2. im with you V not hate’n just call it for what it is. not that great. would be more impressive on a ekit. nothing more than look at me i can play the pads fast as hell.

  3. MANNN!!! anyone on these comments sayin this dude aint shit is just bitter that they cant do this ish the way dude can and I know dudes are gonna be sayin “OH I can too do it like him” and if thats the case then upload a video of you rockin it like that

    1. no one said he aint shit. hes damn good. with that being said what is the point in playing the mpc fast as hell with your fingers? how many times do you hear hits with fast as hell finger played crazy shit going on. its like all those metal guitar players from the 80s. damn good but fast only gets you so far. its in the the writing man.