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Music Maker WordPress Theme

I am happy to announce the upcoming release of the beat selling WordPress theme called “Music Maker“. Three years ago I did a post about my first attempt to create a WordPress theme, and now I am finally delivering.

The Music Maker WordPress theme has turned out better than I ever imagined, with tons of the features that you guys asked for.

Click the images below to see a larger image.

Music Maker iPad

Theme features:

Custom Homepage

The homepage has an optional homepage banner that is easy to customize by uploading an image and editing text. The homepage also has 3 options on what kind of content to display: A blog, a beat store, or a static web page.

Music Maker Home Page

Personal Beat Store

The beat store is a searchable, sortable table that can display an unlimited amount of beats. You can set your own prices, add custom genres, and the audio player is a HTML5 audio player that plays on both computers and mobile devices (iPhones, iPad, & Android).

Music Maker Beat Store

Single Beat Page

Each beat has an individual page for you to promote. Here the visitor can view more details about each beat. If they want to buy the beat, they select a license option and then add to cart. The shopping cart is a slick menu that slides down from the top right of the page, and displays all the beats in the shopping cart, along with a checkout button.

Music Maker Single Beat Page

Custom Options Panel

Take full control of your theme. Our easy-to-use options panel allows you to make simple changes to your site without having to edit any code. Easily add your own logo, change the color of the site, or even add Google Analytics tracking code. Over 30 features can be changed in this options panel.

Music Maker Theme

Easy to Customize

  • Custom Logo: Upload your own personal logo.
  • Background Image: Select from more than 24 premade background patterns, or upload your own custom background image.
  • Colors: Choose the main and highlight colors for your website.
  • Custom Fonts: Over 500 fonts are available to choose from for the text on your website.
  • Custom Favicon: Upload your own in seconds.

Music Maker WordPress Theme

Other Cool Features

  • 4 Custom Widgets: SocialĀ  Site Widget, Recent Beats, Random Beats, and Recent Post
  • SEO Features: Add keywords and meta description to the home page.
  • Website Tracking Code: Paste Google Analytics or any website analytics tracking code.
  • Contact Form Plugin: Create a simple contact form for site visitors to message you.
  • Custom CSS: Add your own custom CSS styles.
  • Custom Shortcodes: Over 10 custom shortcodes built into this theme.

5 Branding Examples

There are no limits to how you can brand this WordPress theme. Here are 5 examples of what this theme looks like when you simply add a logo, background image, and homepage banner.





Kendrick Lamar

More details of the Music Maker theme will be released soon. Really soon!!!!

Unfortunately this WordPress theme will not be free as I planned with the first theme I did. I have spent the last 8 months working on it every day; learning coding and adding the features you guys asked for. If you guys support the theme, I will be able to focus on the theme more, add more features, create training videos, and provide support.Your email address WILL NOT be shared!

Let me know what you guys think of the Music Maker Theme in the comment section.

The Music Maker theme is out now!

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  1. Tuff mark v! This is the stuff i do like …!!!
    I might haft to use that ….!!! I like the idea of a music site more geared to Producers!

  2. Wow Mark! This looks amazing! Really professional layout. I think you are gonna change some lives with this site;) This covers all the problems that were in the producer poll and with this site it’s possible for a producer to have “No problems”. I’m a fan!

  3. Ayo, your hard/smart work is about to pay off big time. i can feel it. Keep up the great work and thanx for creating i don’t come to the site as much as i’d like to but it’s like church, “everytime i do come, i get what i need”

  4. I like the beatmaker theme alot. can the theme have a producer sign up function? for producers to sign up and sell their beats on the site as well. I would get it if it had that functionality. I have many producers in my production camp and would like to make it available to them to upload their beats when ever they choose and make money selling them. Let me know if this function is available for this them. Thanks super producer Mastermine

  5. This is a great Article to help producers get started selling hip hop instrumentals online!

  6. How often do you guys update the theme? Please let me know because I am interested in this theme but the lack of support, updates, and upgrades because on industry trends and customer demands is a no go for me. Thanks! I look to hear from you soon!