Don’t Sell Beats, Sell Experiences ( Beat Selling Tips )

Beat Selling Tips

KC Beatz shares a few tips on not just selling beats, but creating an experience with your customers to build a stronger relationship to have repeat customers.

As a music producer you should sell more than just beats. Build long lasting relationships because those customers can come back to you for more beats, tell other music artist about your beats, and can open more doors for you and your music.

Once a customer buys from you, there is a great chance they will buy from you again if they are happy with your service.

Beat selling tips suggested in the video

  • Offer mixing and mastering
  • Offer suggestions on where they can get graphic work created
  • Offer a music artist guide
  • Ask if they have their business set up

Tips to help get repeat customers

  • Over deliver  – Give your customers more than they are expecting. Be helpful.
  • Be personal – Talk to them like real people and show you want to help. Don’t be spammy and always trying to sell something.
  • Feedback – Pay attention to customer feedback to improve the experience.
  • Be a expert – Show your customers you know what you are talking about, so when they need music services, they come to you first.
  • Be easy to work with
  • Follow up with customers

Help your customers succeed and in return there is a great chance you will succeed.

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What do you do to help maintain relationships with your previous customers?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. great tip I think it would def make you more a producer instead of a beatmaker push the record to a Dj you know get a few close friends behind the project can’t hurt.

  2. great tip I think it would def make you more a producer instead of a beatmaker

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