Beat Selling Tip: Show Your Face

Beat Selling Tip

I see way to many music producers online hiding their faces behind a logo, or a photo of music gear. You need to stop that!

You need to work on building up your name and brand as a creator of quality music, and hiding your face doesn’t help this. You need to have a unique online presence to help stand out, and displaying your face can do that.

I have come across tons of faceless beat selling websites / beat selling profiles that I easily forget because they all look the same.

But if you add your photo on your site, and show some personality, you can help the visitor of your website ( or Facebook or Twitter page ) feel a better connection to you because you display that you are a real person.

I include my photo and about information on this site because I want to connect with people. I know this is a must for me to succeed. I need to know people, and I need them to know me. I’m working on my overall brand. I want people to think of Mark Valenzuela as a hard working, helpful individual, that is talented at a number of things. This helps to build trust. I also need my face to be recognizable to be able to network with others.

So start promoting your face today.

Photo Tips

  1. Have a high quality professional looking photo
  2. Be professional
  3. Include something music related so people can tell right away what you do
  4. Have a clear shot of your face

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Here are a few photo examples of nice photos


Photo Source


Photo Source


Photo Source


Photo Source


Photo Source

Let me know what you think below.

If you want tips on selling beats check out How to Sell Beats Online ( Beginners Guide to Selling Beats Online ).

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    1. If you don’t think personal branding is important, then I don’t think you are reaching your full potential at making music. People not only buy a Dr Dre beat because of the beats, but because of the producers name.

      And because of his brand and name, he makes a lot of money on his beats. If you think you will make the same without a popular name, and I would like to see that.

  1. Hey Mark,

    I am just getting into selling beats/instrumentals online and in the research phase currently. I am interested in fully branding myself with pics and all but I am curious about something.

    I have never worked in a studio or the music industry before. My experience goes back 20 years but as a hobby mostly. I subscribe to groove3, macprovideo, lynda and tons of youtube channels and am constantly learning and updating my skills.

    Music is my passion, my soul. I have a small home recording studio ($12,000 invested) but no giant mixing boards, little outboard gear. Just my comp, monitors, axiom 61, maschine, DAW and a ton of plugins.

    Regarding quality pics and a professional image, will this cut it? I’d like to think that I will be judged solely on the music I create and the experience I provide, but I am guessing that “overall image” is very important too?

    How can I accomplish the image of a pro (I’ve got the big pro sound covered) without a pro studio? (All the above images are people in professional studio environments)

    Thanks man, and I love your site!