Why All Music Producers Need to Get a MIDI Keyboard

I highly recommend you invest in getting a MIDI keyboard if you’re making music on your computer.

Clicking on a mouse alone to make music slows down the creative process. Once you start playing on a keyboard you will find it easier to play chords, play out melodies you have in your head, and focus less on the computer and more on the music.

I use sites like Craigslist.org to buy and trade used music equipment.

Also check out 5 MIDI Controller Keyboards Under $100.

Good luck!

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  1. I use the Axiom 49 myself. I agree 100% with Mark. Any MIDI keyboard, even the cheapest one is a great investment.

  2. i just downloaded reason 4.0 and kopped me a midi keyboard yesterday. a m-audio keyrig 25. itz not the best one but it most definitely gets the job done. and it was only 79.99.

  3. i have a normal keyboard but its not called a midid keyboard just a digital keyboard with midi in and out whtas the difference ?

  4. to Zinger,

    A midi keyboard doesn’t make any sound. It’s used to plug into a computer, or some other music device to play sound.

    So you key board is good because it will play on its own, but the midi keyboard may have some extra knobs, thats meant for changing some of the items in software, such as volume, pitch, etc.

  5. Good stuff bro, I agree, having a midi keyboard is definitely a needed investment. It’s not fun trying to play chords on your computer keyboard! lol.

    Keep it up bro, lovin the site.