50 Most Annoying Things As a Music Producer

Here are 50 things you may experience that will annoy you as a music producer created by Nerds With Passports on YouTube.

50 Most Annoying Things As a Music Producer

Part 1

Part 2

What are your pet peeves as a music producer?

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  1. Hahahaha funny as hell but legit. I spit bars for a decade before deciding to produce n its been a long 5 months but I’m getting there for sure. everything from branding to aliases to faking trap, dead on! literally in my breakthrough project, I’ve even went on acoustic guitar, I won’t touch anything that makes a trap attempt. I like producing ALOT more then rapping. N i don’t suck at rapping. and although these are my upcoming proj, they’re getting better and now I can’t even write the bars as quick as i can sit n drop a beat in 30-60mins. Love the website to been wit it since digging into prod. pt.2