5 Easy Tips to Speed Up Your Computer

I got a email not to long ago asking for inexpensive ways to speed up a PC (Personal Computer). So here are 5 things you can do to make your your computer move a little faster when making your music.

This info is for Windows XP

1. Defrag Your Computer

After using your computer for a while, installing, downloading, and deleting data. Many files become scattered onto different locations on your hard drive. Defragging your computer reorganizes your hard drive by putting pieces of related data back together, and will speed up your computer.

Defrag Computer

How to :

  1. Open My Computer
  2. Right-click the your hard drive (local disk volume) that you want to defrag, and then click Properties
  3. On the Tools tab, click Defragment Now
  4. Click Defragment

2. Uninstall Unused Software

The more storage you have on you computer the better. So remove any programs you don’t use that may be taking up computer resources.

How to:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Click on the “Add or Remove Programs” Icon
  3. Select what you want to remove and select Uninstall

3. Disk Clean Up

Clear up space by deleting unwanted files such as internet temp files, the trash can, and compressed old files.


How to:

  1. Open the Start Menu >> All Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Disk Clean Up
  2. Check the box of everything that you want to delete
  3. Hit OK!

4. Stop Programs From Starting Up

Your computer may have a slow start up because alot of programs starting at once. You may not need alot of the programs start up if your not using them daily, such as the itunes updater, nero check, realone message center, and so on.



How to :

  1. Got to the start menu and select RUN
  2. Enter msconfig
  3. Go to the Start Up Tab in the new when that pops up
  4. Deselect all the applications you would like to not auto start when you start your computer.
  5. Hit Apply

5. Turn off Windows visual effects

Window uses alot of resources to make your desktop look nice. You can turn off some of the features to help your computer run better.


How to:

  1. Right click my computer, and select properties
  2. Select the advanced tab
  3. Where you see Performance, hit settings
  4. Now pick adjust for best performance, which will deselect everything. I usually deselect everything except the very last box. I keep use visual styles on windows and buttons.
  5. Hit Apply

Extra Tips: Add RAM (Random Access Memory)

The more ram you have, the more memory you will have to to run multiple programs at once.
Ram is pretty cheap nowadays. I like to buy mines from Frys Electronics . They have reasonable prices.

Also Viruses may slow down your computer. So if you don’t have a anti virus software, get one. I use Ad-aware SE , its free

Let me know if these help you.

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  1. real good info…these are the basics but you can find more shit to do for the benefit of a audio pc…keep ya work 1

  2. The truth is that only two of these tips may really speed up the computer. That is adding some RAM (not so inexpensive in compare to other tips) and turning off Windows visual effects.

    I got one more inexpensive tip:

    right click on MyComputer icon, than choose Properties/Advanced, than click on the Settings button in the Performance section. Now choose Advanced tab, and select Processor scheduling – Background services, than Memory usage – Programs.

    It works for me when I use Mixvibes DVS. I felt the difference.


  3. They are all basic maintenance except adding ram. I build computers and everybody suggests “add ram.” Most of the time the computer is outdated and they think it will magically solve the problem. Hardware upgrades for sound recorders should be get a better sound card, processor, or faster hard drive. To speed up a computer you should look at the requirements of the software you are running and make sure your computer is capable of running it. Then you should run antivirus and antispyware… this is what slows down most people’s machines. I use AVG and windows defender. Then clean up the desktop, close unneeded processes(look them up, you can hurt your computer or cause it to not start), get updates, make sure your hard drive isn’t full, set page filing correctly, if you have a store-bought computer like HP or Dell get rid of the adware that comes with it. Like El Profeta said, theres more…

  4. Thanks for your five tips, and for clearly describing how to effect them. It helped my system!

  5. Those are good suggestion especially for PC,however, bottom line is Defrag as if your life depended on it, max out your RAM and get 1TB HD if you can, and never use your DAW computer to get online and your set to go!!

  6. Yes, all of these suggestions are very good and should many of us PC users! I definitely agree with Dwayne, NEVER use your DAW computer to get online. In fact my DAW isn’t connected to the net. Adding RAM and Defragmenting your PC alot!

  7. Windows defragmenter is very slow I use ultimate defragmenter to defragmenter my computer and use tune-up utilities to clean my registry hope this information will be useful