10 Things Broke Rappers Say to Get Free Beats

Great post by Toni P on 10 Things Broke Rappers will say to get free beats.

10 Things Broke Rappers Say to Get Free Beats

  1. I know Jay Z, I can get you a shout out on his new album!
  2. When I blow up, I’m taking you with me!
  3. I’ll pay you once I get signed by a Major Label!
  4. I don’t pay for ma boys beats, why should I pay for yours?
  5. Lets first release the song, then go 50/50 on the profits!
  6. Let me get some free beats and I’ll send more artists your way!
  7. Let me have this 1 for free, I’ll pay you for the 2nd one!
  8. Let me get this beat and I got yo’ back!
  9. It’s not like I’ll use it for something important…
  10. See it as an investment bro!

No Free Beats

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