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  1. Prestege says:

    WOW. This is incredible. I just found this site wish I would have found it sooner but always on time !! I will be copping some backgrounds. Great tutorial !! Thanks.

  2. theo scheepers says:

    i bought the mic background, but i don’t know where to download it from? can u help me asap?

  3. Valorbeats says:


    I bought mpc twitter background but I can update it with my info. You mentioned in the video that you would update the pic and the web address at no additional charge?

    Let me know.

  4. Marcus X says:

    Keep droppin’ that hot ish!!! is amazing! Mark u gettin’ busy homie. How can I help out!!! I’m on the east coast by the way (Philly). Anyway that I can attract more people, business, etc. toward this monsta I got you.