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  1. Gravatarhiphiptruthelixer says:

    just blaze lost his soul when he lost weight. he’s now a twitter prick that tells people not to give him their business card when they see him.

  2. Gravatarpizzaboy215 says:

    Just Blaze is a beast wit the beats…. and one of the most original I might add….. When you put that kinda work into the game you earn the right to be a lil cocky….

  3. GravatarClammy Claude Blows says:

    Yawnnnnnnn. Mmmmmmm. Just waking up after the nap I needed after listening to Clammy’s sleepy, boring FruityLoop beetz. The sound of SUCK just drains me. But you go ahead, ClammyClause. Keep hating like a angry child. Desperation looks good on you.

  4. GravatarDeuce says:

    ^^^ Sell out? Wow what a bunch of haters. I just went to both of your websites and listened to your beats and they are hot basura trash. So while he ‘sold out’ good luck selling ANYTHING.

  5. GravatarLogic says:

    couldnt really hear what he was saying but i had an twitter battle wit him and he is what Clammy Claude has described. Good talent but over his head with the knowledge. Jay Electroica i had a chance to meet in person is a force to be wreckoned with. Be prepared to see him in the future..

  6. GravatarEv-G says:

    NIce video the track is awesome

  7. just blaze is such a prick know it all…and honestly i dnt think the dude is any good…he is mainstream bullshit to the fullest…fuckin sell out..thinks he knows every thiing about evrything fuck him