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  1. Great effort, fantastic result off the cuff Timbers. Always had faith in your beats right from the start I said to my friend that you were gonna be a top songwriter/producer fast and my expectations of you beacame a reality. Best beat you made I recon was “my love” a classic !! Return the support and plug me into the scene please have a listen to my beats here at my site http://www.sammydaddyx.com

  2. Gravatarbrolance says:

    Oh no is the death of real music? Imagine how many gamers are going to think they are hiphop stars from this, I watched the revolution of rockband with some of my friends who couldn’t play a real guitar or drums if their life dependended on it but they will swear they are the best because of their rockband scores. If Its all for fun then Im all for it, but you know some are going to take it to the extreme. Expect many many youtube videos soon lol

  3. GravatarCrenshawMigraw says:

    Looks like that gay fruityloops program on a psp!,lol,bahbhahbhahahbhahaha!!!

  4. GravatarEv-G says:

    Looks cool actually