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  1. Script says:

    Was thinkin the same thing. One of the best producers in the game for a long time and the crowd is not showing enough respect for this man taking time out his schedule for them

  2. MrMarcus says:

    Mark you are doing it BIG on here my dude! Enjoyed this one too…HipHopMakers is the most slept on music and creative production site that I’ve come across. You just can’t get what you offer on here from any other source on the net. Keep adding flame!!! Also, the best part of the session was when DJ Toomp expressed his process of giving new producers under him credit and not short them on their just due. He’s a different breed. I bangs with DJ Toomp real hard for say that. Real talk. He’s the most down to earth producer out! Great Post!!!

  3. cee says:

    Nice…DJ Toomp keeps it real…He is down to earth and genuine!!!

  4. DJ YS says:

    Nice post but its DJ TOOMP, not Troop

  5. K says:

    Nice these RedBull Videos are great!! But what is up with the lame ass crowd they suck lol I would be amped to see DJ Troop…love his shit.

  6. His name is DJ Toomp!!!!